Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery
Community Mausoleum (A totally handicap accessible facility)

The tradition of above ground entombment in a mausoleum has existed for thousands of years. In many countries around the world, mausoleums are popular for their ability to commemorate and honor those who have passed in a place specifically designed for dignified repose.   Accepted by the followers of all major religions, the time-honored tradition of mausoleum entombment once was the custom of the wealthy and nobility only. Today it is a practical option for everyone.

The Community Mausoleum concept can be comparable in price or less expensive than traditional in-ground interment.  The concept eliminates the need to select a plot, burial vaults, monuments and markers.

Glass Niche and Outside Niche
Phase I of the Community Mausoleum was first offered in 1982 and today has grown to 5 phases. The complex offers single, companion and family crypts. It also offers chapels for committal services, elevator service and a magnificent view of the Hudson River. Above all is the protection the Community Mausoleum offers against the elements.

Visitation is available every day of the year from 9:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.. It provides a beautiful and inspirational environment for remembrance and contemplation in a tranquil setting.


If your choice is cremation, you may wish to consider memorialization with the purchase of a niche on the interior or exterior of the Community Mausoleum.