Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery

Traditional Ground Burial & Lawn Crypt Entombment

Burial Plots
The Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery has a long history of exemplary care to those families who have lost loved ones or wish to plan ahead for their own memorialization. There are many choices for burial and commemoration at this unique and historic place.

Traditional Ground Burial

For those who prefer the simplicity of traditional ground burial, we have a large selection of choice locations available throughout the cemetery grounds. From the single plot to the largest family plot, the Poughkeepsie Rural Cemetery can accommodate your needs or those of your entire family.

Lawn Crypt Option

Lawn Crypt Example

In 1986 this cemetery responded to the requests for an option which included the dignity of Mausoleum Entombment, the beauty of a garden and ease of access - all at an affordable price. The result was the Lawn Crypt concept located overlooking the majestic Hudson River.

Each single and double Lawn Crypt includes a bronze crypt size memorial with or without a flower vase, installed at ground level.

Financial consideration is often the deciding factor in burial decisions.  The Lawn Crypt option includes the cost of a lot, crypt and memorial all in one price. Purchased in advance, this option provides protection against the cost of inflation and is often less expensive than a traditional burial.

The advantages Lawn Crypt ownership has to offer, as well as the promise of careful maintenance provided by Endowed Care Funds has made this Cemetery the preference of many families for over 155 years.

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